Welcome to a LEGACY Outpost

with Tim P. Taylor

There is no way I can overestimate the influence that Jack Taylor has had on my life. As his only begotten son still on earth, I recognize his legacy in everything I do, even in the way I think. I claim no special rights to his memory, but having spent over 60 years with him, I do remember him better than most. I knew him as few others have and I owe it to him to perpetuate the legacy of passion for the Kingdom and the King that he left us.

This blog may more resemble random ramblings more than an organized or coherent journal. It is my intention to follow the Lord's leading to write. Write what? We will see …

I invite your participation as we remember and move forward together standing on the legacy of Jack Taylor. His ceiling has become our floor and there is a new generation to influence and lead to advance the Kingdom and give glory to God.

If interested, click on the Random Ramblings menu to join me in a new pilgrimage to honor our fathers.